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RENTAL ITEMS. At the termination of this agreement, if PJR has agreed to deliver the Equipment to Customer or to pick up the Equipment from Customer, Customer shall be responsible for all losses or damage to the Equipment from time of delivery to Customer and until picked up by PJR.


  1.  THEFT OF RENTAL ITEMS. The Customer agrees to pay for rental items [at its replacement cost when rented] for all types of theft or mysterious disappearance. Damage Waiver does not cover theft.


  2.  PREPARATION OF SITE. Customer agrees to have the site upon which the rental items are to be erected, free and clear of all obstacles, natural and man made, prior to the arrival of the Rental work crew.  All non-rented items and decorations shall be cleared and taken from site. If Customer fails to do so, then Customer shall pay all costs involved for any delay, additional rental, and all costs including collection and legal expense.


  3. DELIVERY/PICK UP. The standard delivery and pick-up policy shall be at our convenience. Delivery is made to closest point truck can park. Extra charges will result in deliveries to upstairs, elevator use or any point where extra time is involved. Our service does not include set up and knock down of tables and chairs. If this service is required, arrangements should be made several days prior to delivery with a special charge quoted. If no arrangements are made and this service is desired on delivery, our driver must call for authorization. If time permits, we will try to accommodate you after quoting the price. Upon pick-up, all items must be stacked / bagged in the same manner and location that they were delivered; chafing dishes and beverage dispensers need to be rinsed and placed in the same containers in which they were delivered. On pick up, a knock down fee will result if rental items are still up and there will be $1.00 fee for each chair not bagged.  There is an additional fee for timed and after hour delivery/pick up.

  4. INSPECTION. Customer acknowledges that he/she has had an opportunity to personally inspect the rental items and finds it suitable for his needs and in good condition. Customer understands its proper use. Customer further acknowledges Customer responsibility to inspect the rental items prior to its use and to notify PJR of any defects prior to use, NOT AFTER THE EVENT.

  5. LINENS. Table linens are inspected prior to pick up and upon return. DO NOT ROLLUP OR PLACE WET LINENS IN ANY BAG – mildew will result. Return all linens dry and free of waste. DO NOT LAUNDER LINENS after use.


  6. DIRTY OR DAMAGED ITEMS. Customer agrees to pay for any damage to rental items regardless of cause, except reasonable wear and tear, while rental items are out of possession of PJR. Customer agrees to pay a reasonable cleaning charge for all rental items returned dirty. Accrued rental charges cannot be applied against the purchase or cost or repair of damaged goods. Rental Equipment damaged beyond repair will be borne by the Customer, whether performed by PJR, or at PJR’s option by others.

  7. RESERVING EQUIPMENT. Quotes or proposals do not guarantee availability of rental equipment.   


  8. PAYMENT. Payment is due in full at delivery with either exact or a check payable to Party JAM Rental or can be paid with Venmo or Zelle the day prior to delivery.  In the event of a returned check, the customer agrees to pay the amount of the check plus a $30 returned check fee using cash, Venmo or Zelle.


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